Quantum Physics for Kids

Instructed classes & at-home learning games teaching kids ages 5-13 applied quantum physics, renewable energy science & invention mindset

Quantum Physics for Kids

Learning applied quantum physics, the foundation of modern technology, has never been so easy and fun!

Flexible learning for kids ages 5-13

Quantum Force products include instructed small group classes, interactive software games, a physical card game and building kits. Kids learn about atoms, subatomic particles, electricity generation and renewable energy through these dynamic learning experiences. Appealing characters and engaging storylines enable children to learn important quantum physics concepts through play, exploration and invention. Our products are designed for different age groups and abilities with multiple levels of difficulty. 

Created by expert educators & game designers

Dr. Alexis Lauricella

Education Professor Alexis Lauricella is the Director of the Technology in Early Childhood Center at the Erikson Institute in Chicago, IL.

Prof. Valerie Mih

Animation Professor Valerie Mih has produced and directed award-winning educational software, videos and curriculum for over 15 years. 

Art Director Glenn Kim

Art Director Glenn Kim has created characters and design concepts for major game and film studios, including FunPlus, Zynga and Pixar.