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Atom Elements Card Game

$25.00 $28.00 saving $3.00
Atom Elements Card Game

Atom Elements Card Game

$25.00 $28.00 saving $3.00

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Looking for a fun card game to engage kids with atoms and molecules? The Atom Elements Card Game provides a colorful, hands-on introduction to atomic elements and the Periodic Table of Elements. 

This boxed set of 54 atom cards can also be used as flash cards for our live online "Atom Secrets" Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses on Outschool. Printed on durable, laminated card stock, these cards will hold up to multiple re-uses in the Atom Secrets classes. The set includes a sturdy card box for storage.

The deck features the first 54 atomic elements of the Periodic Table, each on its own custom-designed card. The center of each card features a cute cartoon character representing a common form or usage of the element. Each card also includes the atomic number, name, symbol, Periodic Table Row Level and valence electrons.

The card game includes detailed instructions and visual diagrams explaining the atomic information and how to play 3 different games, from easy to advanced! 

The Atom Elements Card Game includes:

  • 54 Illustrated Atom Cards
  • 6 “Wild” Cards
  • 9 Instructional Cards
  • Card Storage Box

The Atom Elements Card Game features appealing cartoon graphics by illustrator Glenn Kim, artist for Pixar films Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Cars and The Incredibles.

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