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Minecraft Chemistry Course: Explore Atoms, Molecule & Chemical Reactions!

Minecraft Chemistry Course: Explore Atoms, Molecule & Chemical Reactions!

Minecraft Chemistry Course: Explore Atoms, Molecule & Chemical Reactions!


Explore Atoms, Molecules & Chemical Reactions in Minecraft!

For kids that love Minecraft, this course is a fun & engaging way to learn real-life chemistry concepts. We'll use the free Chemistry Add-on that comes with Minecraft to create atomic elements, build molecules and experiment with chemical reactions! 

Minecraft (Bedrock & Education versions) includes a free Chemistry Add-on that represents real chemistry principles within the Minecraft world. This course dives into the function of the Minecraft Chemistry module and teaches students how to use it to make atomic elements, molecular compounds and chemical reactions within Minecraft!

Please Note: the Chemistry module is only available in Minecraft Education Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition (including Minecraft for Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, and Minecraft Mobile Edition for iPads & Android tablets); unfortunately, the software publisher has not added the Chemistry functions to Minecraft Java Edition. If you learner is playing Minecraft on an iPad, Android tablet, PC, Switch, PS or Xbox, they have the right version of Minecraft to use for this course!

The course will be held in Creative Mode, and each student will be working within their own self-created world. Students should already know the basics of using Minecraft, including how to use a Crafting Table and how to access their inventory. Students will need to be able to access Zoom and Minecraft simultaneously, either by utilizing a second device, or by having both Zoom and Minecraft windows visible on the same screen. Students will need to know how to place and open a Crafting Table (this same process is used to place and open the Chemistry-related blocks).

The course will teach the following topics:

Session 1: Getting started with the Minecraft Chemistry Add-on
The first session goes over creating a Minecraft world with the Chemistry features enabled which will be used throughout the course. We dive into the world of atoms by using the Material Reducer and break down Minecraft blocks to see the atoms present in them. We’ll use the Element Constructor to explore the structure of the atom and even learn to make our own atoms.
- Students create their own Minecraft world which will be used throughout the course.
- With the help of the Material Reducer block students explore the different atoms that make up the Minecraft world
- With the Element Constructor we introduce the structure of these atoms and how to make them
- We also go over the patterns and color coded grouping of the Periodic Table of Elements

Session 2: Isotopes and Molecule Making
In the second session, we continue using the Element Constructor to make isotopes and learn about radioactive decay. We’ll also learn about how atoms form molecules and make some with the Compound Creator! We’ll discuss the properties and applications of molecules made and use them to craft items that can only be created using Chemistry in Minecraft.
- We revisit the Element Constructor and learn that you can make the same atom with different number of neutrons
- We discuss radioactive decay for unstable isotopes
- We bring in the Compound Creator and learn about the importance valence electron shell levels in molecule making
- We make molecules and use those molecules to craft things, including sparklers

Session 3: Molecule Making and Lab Table Experiments
In Session 3, we look at the practical applications of more complex molecules. We introduce the concept of polymers and chemiluminescence. We look at real life versions of Minecraft Lab Table products and learn about the science used in them.
- Continuing with the Compound Creator we talk about different kinds of molecules
- We learn about practical applications of lab table products
- Dive into polymers and repeating chains for plastic
- Make items that can be made only with the Chemistry in Minecraft add-on

Session 4: Lab Table, Crafting Table and Experiments in Minecraft
In Session 4, we continue with practical applications of complex molecules and explore the polymer latex. We talk about the science behind Chemistry in Minecraft’s Super Fertilizer and how the underwater TNT block works.
- Continuing with the Compound Creator we talk about different kinds of molecules
- We learn about fertilizer and learn to craft some underwater TNT
- We recreate explosive experiments in Minecraft

If you are not using the Education Edition and would like to check that your version of Minecraft has the option to turn on Education Mode, please do the following:
1. Create a new world and set it to Creative
2. Scroll down until you see the words "Education Mode," and toggle it to the ON position. (By default, it will be Off).
That's it! As long as you can see the option to turn on Education Mode, you will have free access to the Chemistry features in Minecraft and can take this course.