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We offer a wide range of quantum physics, invention and design classes for kids! Explore our live online Quantum Physics for Kids classes available on Outschool. These small-group classes are conducted via live videoconference (using Zoom) with trained STEM educators. Class are designed to get kids excited about quantum physics and the impact of science on our lives. 

Students learning about quantum physics in class

"The teacher was super engaging and catered the lesson to the specific interests of the students. Very much appreciated! My child is very much looking forward to more classes." - Parent of 10-year-old Quantum Physics for Kids student


Electromagnetism & Electricity Series (ages 8-12): 

4-Session Course: Electromagnetism, Photons and Solar Energy, four 50-minutes sessions meeting once a week, including "Magnetism & You," "Electricity with Magnet," "Photons & You" and "Solar Energy & Solar-Generated Electricity."

Magnetism and You, one 50-minute session: Explore the amazing world of magnetism and how it affects all life on earth.

Electricity with Magnets?, one 50-minute session: Explore one of the most important discoveries of modern technology: how to generate electricity using magnetic fields - the primary method of providing electricity worldwide!

Photons and You, one 50-minute session: Explore the incredible science of photons - from visible light to the invisible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, like Wifi and X-rays.

Solar Energy & Solar-Generated Electricity, one 50-minute session: Discover the many ways inventors harness the sun's energy, from solar heaters to photovoltaic electricity generation

Hands-on Exploration with Electricity and Circuits, one 50-minute session: Kids explore electricity and circuit designs in this hands-on dough-based circuit building class

Atom Secrets & Periodic Table for Kids Series (ages 8-12):

4-Session Course: Atom Secrets and the Periodic Table of Elements (Hydrogen to Xenon), four 50-minute sessions meeting once a week, covering Atom Secrets Parts 1-4. 

Atom Secrets (Part 1), one 50-minute session: Students are introduced to atoms, subatomic particles and the Periodic Table of Elements (Hydrogen to Neon) through engaging cartoon graphics and visual learning activities. 

Atom Secrets (Part 2), one 50-minute session: Continued exploration of the Periodic Table of Elements (Sodium to Argon) and how atoms form molecules.

Atom Secrets (Part 3), one 50-minute session: Continued exploration of the Periodic Table of Elements (Potassium to Krypton) and how atoms form molecules.

Atom Secrets (Part 4), one 50-minute session: Continued exploration of the Periodic Table of Elements (Rubidium to Xenon) and how atoms form molecules. 

Invention, Research & Design Club (ages 8-12):

Invention & Scientific Research Club: An ongoing weekly club that supports students to develop their own inventive ideas, with the option of participating in the Annual Invention Convention. Each class session features exploration of a historical inventor and development of quantum physics, science and technology discoveries that continue to impact the world today.  Students learn about the invention design process and get inspired by other young inventors. Next, students generate ideas, followed by prototyping and researching with the guidance of the instructor who mentors them through each stage of the invention process.

3D Design Technologies (ages 13-17):

Learn to Sculpt in 3D: Intro to 3D Modeling with Maya (Level 1), one 50-minute session: Start learning to sculpt and model in 3D using the professional software Autodesk Maya!

All our online classes are conducted via Zoom with a live video instructor who engages students in explorations of science and technology, with a quantum physics focus.  

Note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our in-person afterschool enrichment classes at Madera Elementary School are on-hold until further notice. 

Artist depiction of quantum field