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Students learning about quantum physics in class

Our classes are designed to get kids excited about quantum physics and its impact on our lives! We host our courses on Outschool, a safe and secure online learning platform for kids. CLICK HERE to explore our live online Quantum Physics for Kids classes available on Outschool. 

All our courses incorporate guided discussion, educational presentations, video visualizations, physical demos and hands-on activities during class time. The courses are carefully structured to scaffold complex topics in supported stages, and to provide a strong science framework for further academic study. 

Click on course titles below for details about specific classes, and receive a free $20 credit to take your first class on Outschool! CLICK HERE to view a listing of all our courses on Outschool. 

Quantum Physics for Kids Curriculum 

We offer a 12-month (12 course) curriculum to support your child's learning throughout the year. Click on course titles below for class details, schedule and registration.

*** Courses for Ages 8-12 ***

Atom Secrets and the Periodic Table of Elements Course Level 1
Suggested pre-requisite: None

Atom Secrets Level 2: Molecules and Chemical Reactions
Suggested pre-requisite: Atom Secrets Level 1

Hands-On Molecule Building and Exploration (Atom Secrets Level 3)
Suggested pre-requisite: Atom Secrets Level 1

Chemistry in Minecraft: Experiment with Atom, Molecules & Chemical Reactions!
Suggested pre-requisite: None

Quantum Physics of Plants: Photosynthesis, Fertilizer, Communication and Germination
Suggested pre-requisite: None

Microscope Explorations! Discover the Microscopic World Around You
Suggested pre-requisite: None

Electromagnetism 1: Magnetism, Electricity, Photons & Solar Power!
Suggested pre-requisite: None

Electromagnetism 2: Wireless Communication, Battery Tech, Circuits & Piezoelectric Materials!
Suggested pre-requisite: None

Quantum Frontiers Course: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Antimatter and the Standard Model of Particle Physics! 
Suggested pre-requisite: None

Intro to Quantum Computing & Quantum Information Science 
Suggested pre-requisite: None

Invention & Science Research Course: Exploring the Process of Discovery and Innovation
Suggested pre-requisite: None

Invention & Science Research Project-Based Course: Develop & Make Your Own Ideas
Suggested pre-requisite: Invention & Science Research Course: Exploring the Process of Discovery and Innovation

*** Courses for ages 13-17 ***
Intro to Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Science
Suggested pre-requisite: None


Our Teachers

Kaitlyn Choe, Instructor 
Kaitlyn Choe is a Stanford undergraduate majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Creative Writing. She's been excited about quantum physics ever since she watched the "They Might Be Giants: Here Comes Science" DVD, which her mom borrowed from the library for her when she was in fourth grade. She is incredibly grateful for all of the science teachers who cultivated this curiosity and is excited to do the same for her learners! Kaitlyn enjoys using a storytelling approach to STEM and embraces creative, holistic learning where all styles are encouraged. In addition to Quantum Physics for Kids, Kaitlyn was a counselor for elementary school students at Stanford Sierra Camp.

Winnie Huang, Instructor 
Winnie is a Stanford undergraduate majoring in Chemical Engineering, with a minor in International Relations. Her enthusiasm for quantum physics took shape in fifth grade and was amplified throughout middle and high school as her teachers nurtured her curiosity of the behavior and processes of the world. In reflection of her own path into STEM, Winnie aims to engage school-age children with scientific concepts and instill upon them the same curiosity and excitement she experiences. In addition to teaching school-age children through Quantum Physics for Kids, she has served as a tutor for elementary, high school and college students in the areas of Science, Math, and written communication.

Brandon Russell, Instructor
Brandon studied Environmental Science at the University of California in Santa Cruz, and 3D Media Production at Berkeley City College. In addition to studying physics in college and working with physics simulation as a 3D artist and game developer, he is a physics enthusiast who regularly reads, attends lectures, and listens to podcasts on the subject of quantum mechanics. Brandon's background in computer graphics and game development shape his approach to teaching towards a project-based, interactive, STEM-focused curriculum that rewards creative and holistic thinking. In addition to teaching school-age children through Quantum Physics for Kids, he has taught youth as a science camp counselor and coding instructor at community-based organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sunny Satpathy, Instructor and Educational Media Developer
Sunny holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Animation, with a minor in Writing and Literature, from California College of the Arts. Her passion for quantum physics stems from a strong emphasis on science in her high school curriculum (particularly AP-level Chemistry, Physics and Calculus) and a natural curiosity for anything physics-related. With her animation degree she aims to create educational media that illustrates scientific concepts and makes them easy for everyone to understand. In addition to teaching school-age children with Quantum Physics for Kids, Sunny has served as a tutor for high school and college students in the areas of Science, Math, Writing, Art History and Animation.

Celia Tandon, Instructor
Celia Tandon is a Stanford undergraduate majoring in Physics with minors in Computer Science and Mathematics. Her fascination with quantum physics stems from her natural curiosity about the universe at a young age, which was fueled by numerous YouTubers and books. Celia hopes to foster a creative, curiosity-driven environment for her students to instill a similar enthusiasm for STEM. After graduating, she plans to obtain a PhD in astrophysics and pursue black hole research in academia. In addition to Quantum Physics for Kids, Celia tutors middle and high school students in Computer Science and Math.

Parent Reviews

The teacher was super engaging. Very much appreciated! My child is very much looking forward to more classes.

My kid loved the class. He seemed to learn a lot! He now shows much more interest in reading books regarding the Atom and periodic tables, etc. Teacher was very patient and engaging. Highly recommended.

My son loved learning about how atoms were created and how they are constructed.

I wasn't sure if my child would be interested in the topic, but she loved it and especially raved about the teacher. I rarely get such excited feedback from her on classes so this must have really sparked an interest! (Good thing because I signed her up for the next one already...)

My son was fully engaged in class. He is nine and the discussion and how it was explained was very age appropriate. The instructor was very patient.

My daughter loves these classes.  Highly engaging, great new learning and real world applications.  Teacher is fantastic.  Highly recommend. She's excited each week!!


Artist depiction of quantum field