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Learning About States of Matter

Popsicles, ice pops and paletas are a favorite summertime (or any time) treat. They are also a fun way to get kids involved in learning about the three primary states of matter (solid, liquid and gas), focusing on the solid and liquid states of water. And since they're so easy to make and relatively fail-safe, they can be a great way for kids to start experimenting with creating their own inventive ideas. 

Here's some fun videos to jumpstart your ice pop creations. Note: these videos are intended for inspiration only, not to follow as a specific recipes (some of the recipes are a bit complicated). Instead, kids are encouraged to make their own choices and recipes. Let them take the lead, and keep it simple and fun! 

10 Popsicle Recipes - Just 2 Ingredients

Homemade Popsicles: 5 Different Treats

How to Make Paletas 

This fun article delves into the origins and popularity of paletas. 

If you don't have popsicle molds handy, ice cube trays can also be used to make ice pops. All you have to do is fill the ice cube trays, cover with aluminum foil, and then poke toothpicks through the foil so they are in the middle of each liquid cube, then place in the freezer. For instructions and visuals, click here. 

Kids are encouraged to take pictures of their ice pop creations, to take notes on how they turned out, and what they would like to try next. (Teaching prototyping skills with popsicles.) 

Enjoy your frozen treats!