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Squishy Circuits Lite Kit for Outschool class

Squishy Circuits Kit For Outschool Class "Creative Circuits With Squishy Circuits"

Squishy Circuits Lite Kit for Outschool class


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This Lite Kit supplies everything needed for the Outschool class Electromagnetism Course Level 2 (Session 3, Hands-on Dough-Based Circuits).

These classes makes circuit-building hands-on, easy and fun! 

The Squishy Circuits kit includes a specially-designed child-safe battery holder with electrical leads, 15 LEDs (5 each of red, green and blue) and a container of conductive dough (colors will vary). These supplies can be re-used many times. Please note: the battery holder requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

The class will guide students through the hands-on process of building their first electrical circuits to light up LEDs. We'll discuss what electricity actually is, and how it flows in a circuit. Then we'll explore the nature of conductivity, and test several items to determine which materials are conductive or non-conductive (insulators). We'll make a parallel circuit and a series circuit, and see the difference. Students will build their own creative light-up circuits and share them with the class. The class includes learning plans for additional post-class activities, so your child can keep exploring electricity and circuits with their Squishy Circuits Kit!