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Electricity & Magnetism - Additional Learning Resources

Note: These are additional enrichment activities for the Quantum Physics for Kids class "Electricity with Magnets?" on Outschool. If you'd like to give Outschool a try, click here for an invitation for a free first class.

Ready for some more magnetic induction electricity exploration? Check out these fun resources and activities for continued learning:

Activity #1: Learn more about Benjamin Franklin's Kite Experiment

As a precursor to learning about magnetic induction, the Electricity class discussed Benjamin Franklin's famous kite experiment. Find out more details of how the Franklin's kite experiment was designed in this video:

Activity #2: Build a Shake Light

A shake light is a common assignment for introductory electrical engineering course at the college level. It requires these supplies:

- A roll of magnet wire (magnet wire is copper wire covered with a thin layer of insulation, to avoid a short circuit)

- A cylindrical magnet

- LEDs

This video shows step-by-step instructions:

Activity #3: Build a bicycle-powered generator

If you have a spare bicycle and some time, you can build your own bicycle-powered generator! This video shows step-by-step instructions using a few re-purposed car parts: 

Next Class:

Bicycle-power is an example of clean and renewable energy. Learn about another major type of renewable energy - Solar Energy - in the next-level Quantum Physics for Kids class: Solar Energy & Solar-Generated Electricity